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South Western Australia Weather Radar, Satellite and Lightning Map

Radar background
South Western Australia Radar Overlay
Corrigin: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Lancelin: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Bulga Downs: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Wongan Hills: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Kalbarri: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Bencubbin: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Northam: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Brookton: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Albany: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Gosnells: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Beverley: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Wagin: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Donnybrook: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Merredin: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Narembeen: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Hyden: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Mullewa: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Narrogin: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Ravensthorpe: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Karnet: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)York: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Wandering: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Dalwallinu: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Geraldton Airport: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)North Island: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Morawa Airport: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Perth Airport: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Badgingarra: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Pearce: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Melville Water: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Gingin Airport: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Rottnest Island: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Ocean Reef: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Perth: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Bickley: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Cape Leeuwin: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Cape Naturaliste: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Dwellingup: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Manjimup: 0.8mm (last 24 hours)Bridgetown: 0.4mm (last 24 hours)Albany Airport: 3.4mm (last 24 hours)Witchcliffe: 0.6mm (last 24 hours)Esperance: 8.0mm (last 24 hours)Busselton Jetty: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Hopetoun North: 3.0mm (last 24 hours)Bunbury: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Mandurah: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Collie East: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Walpole North: 5.6mm (last 24 hours)Cunderdin Airport: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Newdegate: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Jacup: 0.4mm (last 24 hours)Lake Grace: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Katanning Rs: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Kalgoorlie-Boulder: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Salmon Gums Rs: 0.4mm (last 24 hours)Laverton: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Leinster: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Southern Cross Airport: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Paynes Find: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Esperance Harbour: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Gingin West: 3.0mm (last 24 hours)Hillarys Point Boat Harbour: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Mount Keith: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Swanbourne: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Jandakot: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Gooseberry Hill: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Garden Island: 0.6mm (last 24 hours)Hyden: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Erangy Springs: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Vasse: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Wickepin: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Wanneroo: 0.4mm (last 24 hours)Frankland: 1.2mm (last 24 hours)Dardanup (Waterloo): 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Pingelly West: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Mount Barker: 2.8mm (last 24 hours)Darkan: 0.4mm (last 24 hours)Latham: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Mayanup South: 0.8mm (last 24 hours)Mukinbudin: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Koorda: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Balingup: 0.4mm (last 24 hours)Kings Park: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Bencubbin: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Pingrup East: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Bremer Bay: 2.6mm (last 24 hours)Katanning GRDC: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Busselton Airport: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Munglinup West: 1.0mm (last 24 hours)Colpoys Point: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Mount Magnet Airport: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Leonora Airport: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Rocky Gully South: 0.6mm (last 24 hours)Jurien Bay: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Norseman Airport: 0.4mm (last 24 hours)Three Springs: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Canna East: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Gutha West: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Marradong: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Dininnup: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Fouracres: 2.6mm (last 24 hours)Karridale: 0.4mm (last 24 hours)Manjimup HRS: 1.2mm (last 24 hours)Nannup: 2.0mm (last 24 hours)Northcliffe: 0.8mm (last 24 hours)Ongerup North: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Pinjarra: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Stirlings North: 0.6mm (last 24 hours)Dumbleyung: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Stirlings South: 1.4mm (last 24 hours)Condingup: 4.0mm (last 24 hours)Meckering North: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Gairdner: 0.6mm (last 24 hours)Kellerberrin: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Glen Eagle: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Perenjori: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Coorow: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Warradarge East: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)New Norcia: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Ejanding: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Shackelton: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Brookton: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Dragon Rocks: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Wagin: 0.4mm (last 24 hours)Cascade: 3.8mm (last 24 hours)Nyabing: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Coomalbidgup: 11.6mm (last 24 hours)Wilyabrup: 0.6mm (last 24 hours)East Beverley: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Muresk: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Newdegate: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Northam: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Yilgarn: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Binnu: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Lancelin East: 1.4mm (last 24 hours)Mullewa: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Mount Burdett: 7.6mm (last 24 hours)Mount Howick: 3.4mm (last 24 hours)Jerramungup: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Brunswick Junction: 2.8mm (last 24 hours)Williams: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Boyatup: 4.2mm (last 24 hours)West River: 0.4mm (last 24 hours)Corrigin East: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Kendenup West: 2.2mm (last 24 hours)Dumbleyung GRDC: 0.4mm (last 24 hours)Ongerup GRDC: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Pemberton: 2.2mm (last 24 hours)Popanyinning: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Denmark: 6.2mm (last 24 hours)Margaret River: 0.4mm (last 24 hours)Kweda: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Cascade NE: 0.6mm (last 24 hours)Moorine Rock: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Wickepin North: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Dudawa: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Bindi Bindi: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Capel: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Holt Rock: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Chapman: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Jarrahdale 2: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Dardanup 2: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Nannup 2 (Carlotta): 1.0mm (last 24 hours)Tone Bridge: 0.6mm (last 24 hours)Logue Brook: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Katanning NG In: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Katanning NG Out: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Nyabing GRDC: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Beacon: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Quairading: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Kulin: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Merredin NG In: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Merredin NG Out: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Waroona: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)McAlinden: 0.4mm (last 24 hours)Allanooka: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Jurien Bay: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Magenta: 0.4mm (last 24 hours)Cascade NW: 0.8mm (last 24 hours)Esperance Downs: 14.2mm (last 24 hours)York East: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Mt Madden East: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Moora NW: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Yuna NE: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Buntine West: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Goodlands: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Burakin: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Kellerberrin North: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Mt Walker: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Pingaring: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Highbury East: 0.4mm (last 24 hours)Eneabba: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Lake King: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Morawa: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Mingenew: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Burracoppin South: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Jarrahdale: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Harvey: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Belka East: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Tunney: 0.4mm (last 24 hours)Woodanilling: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Salmon Gums: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Millendon (Swan Valley): 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Scaddan: 8.6mm (last 24 hours)Narrogin: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Wellstead: 0.8mm (last 24 hours)Wickepin East: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Katanning: 0.4mm (last 24 hours)Floreat Park: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Muntadgin East: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Scott River: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)South Perth: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Mount Buraminya: 3.0mm (last 24 hours)Esperance Airport: 14.0mm (last 24 hours)Cordering: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Yuna: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Tammin: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Moora: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Kalannie: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Gnowangerup GRDC: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Grass Patch: 2.6mm (last 24 hours)Yanmah: 1.0mm (last 24 hours)Corrigin: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Ravensthorpe: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Narembeen: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Lancelin (Defence): 1.2mm (last 24 hours)Wongan Hills: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Hill Padua (Three Springs): 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Westonia: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Mingenew NW: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Badgingarra: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Bonnie Rock: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Bindoon: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Donnybrook: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Eradu 2: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Kondinin: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Newlands: 0.4mm (last 24 hours)Merredin: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Milyeannup: 1.8mm (last 24 hours)Myalup: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Qualeup: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Quininup: 1.4mm (last 24 hours)Babakin: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Trayning West: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Watheroo: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)Wattleup: 0.4mm (last 24 hours)Yuna North: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Rosa Brook: 0.2mm (last 24 hours)Manypeaks: 3.2mm (last 24 hours)Armament Jetty: 0.0mm (last 24 hours)

This South Western Australia storm tracker displays the fusion of radar, satellite, lightning and surface observations. The image will smoothly transition from visible to infrared satellite imagery during the night. Detected lightning is shown by yellow lightning icons. Arrows represent wind speed and direction observations from ground-based weather stations, with red arrows showing wind gusts >65km/h, while the small coloured dots indicate weather station rainfall measurements over the previous 24 hour period, in millimetres, according to the scale at the bottom. You may hover the mouse over these coloured dots or click for additional weather information. The weather radar reflectivity data, which also follows the colour sequence legend at the bottom, is a composite from multiple Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) weather radar sites. This satellite imagery is originally processed by the BOM from the geostationary satellite Himawari-8 operated by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

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